The Role of the Constitutional Conference

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There are now quite a few parties and other organizations campaigning for an independent Cape. Some of them are prepared to work together but there are others who are hoping to capture the process of fighting for independence. Their thinking seems to be that if they can control the process then once independence comes they will be able to dictate the future of the Cape. This is a big mistake that will bring about discontent, divisions and instability. This instability will manifest itself socially, economically and politically. The only way this can be avoided or at least minimized is to hold a multi-party constitutional conference. Such a body will have the function of producing via negotiations a constitution that provides for multi-party democracy and a bill of rights that recognizes, protects and promotes the interests of the Cape’s diverse communities as well as the rights of individuals. We do not want to exchange the dictatorship of the ANC for some other arrogant and authoritarian regime.