Eastern Cape Name Changes

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Eastern Cape name changes

Port Elizabeth ( now Gqeberha)

Victoria Towers – Uitenhage (now Kariega)

The ANC government has announced several name changes of places in the Eastern Cape. Some of these name changes are clearly motivated by racist sentiments.
Notable changes, among others, are outlined below.

Old name                                               New name
Port Elizabeth International Airport           Chief Dawid Stuurman International Airport
Port Elizabeth                                           Gqeberha
Uitenhage                                                 Kariega
East London Airport                                 King Phalo Airport
Berlin                                                       Ntabozuko
MaClear Town                                         Nqanqarhu
King William’s Town                                Qonce

It is said that the old names were insensitive to blacks. The truth is that the old names were harmless but the new names are racially insensitive to whites. The ANC knows this but nevertheless went ahead with the name changes.

If an independent Cape were to include Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage in its borders then we can look forward to the restoration of their true names. The same applies to any other town that is included. Unfortunately places like East London are not likely to be included. In the meantime, people are very likely to continue using the old names for some time to come.

Regardless of what the ANC says, always remember ;


Avoid this Eastern Cape experience by supporting Cape Independence. There have already been discussions on Cape Talk about changing the name of C ape Town.